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Why is it important that independent photographers get insurance measures in place?

September 20th, 2018
Wedding Photographer

Photography is a highly creative industry. However, getting ahead in the photography industry also requires strong business acumen. Risk management is an essential part of that and something that every photographer, whether small and independent or part of a large studio, needs to integrate into business management. Ensuring that you have adequate insurance measures in…

What is the importance of having an office insurance policy?

August 20th, 2018

Any business involves an element of risk and that’s as true for an office-based enterprise as any more remote workforce. Those risks can arise from many different factors, from employees or clients on site, through to the use of equipment or storing stock. An office insurance policy is an essential tool for helping any business…

What does our new Wholesalers and Warehouses insurance policy include?

August 15th, 2018

Risk is a constant for any business, including those in wholesale and warehousing. The right insurance policy can be crucial to enabling an organisation to successfully manage risk and to protect against potential issues that could arise and damage the business. Our Wholesalers and Warehouses insurance policy is specifically designed for wholesale and warehouse businesses…

What are the general rules of hotel and guest house insurance?

July 23rd, 2018
Hotel Guest

As anyone in the hospitality industry knows, there is plenty that can go wrong when you’re dealing with the public. You don’t have to be Basil Fawlty to end up in a situation where you have an injured person or property damage that your business is held accountable for. Hotel and guest house insurance is…