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What pub insurance requirements are there?

June 14th, 2018
Pub Barman

Like any public facing business, a pub will benefit from being covered by insurance. Pub insurance provides protection against a number of worst case scenarios, financial support in the event of unpredictable outcomes and peace of mind for those managing the business. What are pub insurance requirements – what kind of cover to you need?…

5 risks that your retail business needs insuring against

June 5th, 2018
Employers Liability

The retail industry can be exciting and profitable with huge potential for business growth. However, it’s also fraught with risk, in particular for smaller enterprises with less of a safety net to fall back on if something does go wrong. Retail business insurance is an essential precaution for any organisation looking for protection against these…

What is the purpose of office insurance and where does it apply?

May 22nd, 2018
office insurance

Office insurance is a business essential. It provides protection in the event that something happens to a key part of the enterprise, whether that’s the people, equipment or premises. Plus, with business insurance there is a safety net for unpredictable events, from interrupted trading through to injured customers. When is office insurance necessary? Any business…

Why your hotel guests want you to have hotel insurance

May 7th, 2018
Hotel Insurance

When you’re opening, or running, a hotel, delivering beautiful aesthetics, awesome service, fantastic food and positive customer service are probably at the top of your goals list. However, although these will be crucial to the success of your establishment, they are not the only essential components. Hotel insurance is something that is easily forgotten –…

GDPR Guidance for small businesses

April 26th, 2018
GDPR Guidance

On 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force and deals with how organisations deal with personal information. As a business owner, it affects the way you run your business, as there are certain pieces of your clients’ personal information that you may currently hold. The GDPR is similar to the…

What risks does salon insurance help to protect against?

April 9th, 2018

There are many key elements involved in successfully running your own salon. The right location is crucial, having a great team is really important and attracting the audience you need to establish a customer base is also going to be a factor in success. It’s also necessary to look ahead and try to take steps…

What insurance is required as a start-up photographer?

March 30th, 2018
Photographer Insurance

If you’re just beginning as a professional photographer then there is a lot to think about in terms of getting your business off to the right start. Many people assume that photography is the kind of business where there are so few risks that insurance isn’t necessary. However, that’s not the case – wherever you…

Morgan Richardson awarded Gold Trusted Service level

March 28th, 2018
Morgan Richardson Reviews

We are delighted to have received the Gold Service Award,  an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, as rated by real customers. We received 180 reviews from our customers last year, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. Speaking on this year’s award, Andrew Mabbutt, CEO at Feefo, commented: ‘The…