What can photographers do to insure themselves against different issues?

September 28th, 2018
What can photographers do to insure themselves?

Creative talent is crucial in the photography industry. However, it’s important to ensure that this is supported by sound business decisions that help to build a platform on which creativity can thrive. Key to this is having the right protection in place so that there is support if issues arise. These are just some of the steps that photographers can take to insure themselves against different issues.

Insurance against errors and mistakes

There is a lot that could go wrong when it comes to photography. It may seem like a fairly straightforward profession but as soon as clients and cash become involved then straight away standards are raised. If you’re not able to deliver images to the agreed timescale, for example, clients may complain. There could be disputes over whether the images meet the agreed quality. Plus, you may encounter problems, such as losing a memory card with all the images of a one off event on, that mean you’re not able to deliver what was agreed. Under these circumstances, insurance can be crucial. It could help to ensure that you’re able to compensate clients and to protect your reputation as a result.

Support in case of equipment issues

Loss or damage to property can be catastrophic in a trade such as photography. Photographic equipment is notoriously expensive and if something happens to cameras, lights or tech equipment, the business may be unable to continue operating. So, it’s essential for photographers to obtain insurance for equipment to protect against loss, damage, theft, vandalism and a range of other situations in which that property could become unusable.

Problems of business interruption

It’s also possible to take out photographer’s insurance to cover business interruption. This could be useful in a number of situations, for example where property or premises are damaged to an extent that carrying on work becomes impossible.   Cover could also include increased cost of working insurance to support the cost of hiring alternative premises to ensure you can get the job done and keep your clients happy.

Covering accident or injury

It is also necessary for photographers to obtain coverage for situations in which they have caused damage to others. Public liability insurance, for example, covers a situation when someone who is not an employee has been injured. That could be someone walking past who has tripped over a lighting cable or a supplier delivering equipment to premises. Where there are employees, an element of employer’s liability insurance may also be key to provide cover against issues that can arise during the course of a working day. Claims for accident and injury can be crippling for any business and in particular one that is dependent on a small team or a single individual so the right insurance is essential.

There is a lot that photographers can do to insure themselves against the issues that can arise in the course of this creative business. Contact Morgan Richardson to find out more about our policy tailored for professional photographers.

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